You are missing the following required information.
Landlord's name:
Landlord's address:
Landlord's city:
Landlord's state:
Landlord's zip code:
Second Landlord:
Second landlord's address:
Second landlord's city:
Second landlord's state:
Second landlord's zip code:
Tenant's address:
Tenant's city:
Tenant's state:
Tenant's zip code:
Second Tenant:
Second tenant's street address:
Second tenant's city:
Second tenant's state:
Second tenant's zip code:
Third tenant:
Third tenant's street address:
Third tenant's city:
Third tenant's state:
Third tenant's zip code:
Fourth tenant:
Fouth tenant's street address:
Fourth tenant's city:
Fourth tenant's state:
Fourth tenant's zip code:
Property address:
Property city:
Property county:
Property state:
Land acreage: acre(s)
Legal description of property:
Lease duration:  month(s)
Lease commencement date: Use Calender
Monthly rent: (Exclude The Dollar Sign)
Rent start date: Use Calender
On what day of each subsequent month will rent payments be due?
Will the property being rented be primarily used for farming or ranching?
Will the tenants have an option to renew the lease?
Number of additional renewal terms the tenants will have:
Renewal term length:  month(s)
Renewal rent will be:
Renewal rent: (Exclude The Dollar Sign)
Will the landlord or the tenant be responsible for maintaining and repairing the leased property?
Include special provisions?
Enter your special provisions here:
Enter your special provisions as declarative sentences. If you have more than one, end each one with a period and begin the next with a capital, like these examples: "Tenants may only plant corn and pumpkins on the property. Tenants may not use any pesticides without first having written agreement from the Landlord."