Special Provisions:

In this section you should describe any unique or unusual parts of your agreement that probably aren’t part of our standard form. In the case of an automobile lease, an example of a special provision could be that the automobile is not to be taken out of state or driven in excess of 15,000 miles per year. In the case of a residential lease, a special provision might be that no smoking is permitted inside the premises.

These are just few examples. Use the special provisions option to enter your own custom provisions and insure that your entire agreement is in writing. If there are no special provisions, just select “no” in response to the special provision option and your lease agreement will be governed by the most common provisions already included in our standard form.

If you decide to include special provisions in your lease, just select “yes” in response to the special provision option and describe the provisions in the box that appears. The provisions you describe will be automatically inserted into your document and become binding. Describe the provisions in the form of short declarative sentences, such as “Parties acknowledge preexisting, large scratch on front passenger door.”

NOTE: Whatever special provisions you write in will supersede any other conflicting provisions in your lease.


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